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Spring 2022 One Room Challenge, Week 2

Spring 2022 One Room Challenge, Week 2

Welcome to Week 2! This week was a little slow for me as we started to get off the ground with demo work. This will be my 3rd One Room Challenge, and each one becomes trickier for me to juggle. While I am trying to complete the one room in my home, I am actually doing several "One Room Challenges" for all of my clients. And right now I am a one woman show.

The highlight of my week began the second our shower door exploded while I was trying to remove it from the track. I am not sure why this happened or how I could have prevented it but it was a real mess to clean up. Since it is tempered glass (the preferred glass for shower doors) it is meant to fall and break down into chunks as opposed to large sharp shards. Thankfully I was okay but it was pretty unexpected! I am now considering breaking the other one because, in the end, it is easier to dispose of. If I leave a single shower door sitting around the house for too long, a hockey puck is sure to go through it.

Next on the list will be removing the tile and floors which should be pretty easy. And then the plumber will come in to rough the shower. I am still not sure if I should keep the pedestal sink or not. It is something I have been going back and forth about. It's pretty, and in good condition, but I wanted something larger. We'll see.

My tile arrives this weekend, which means that I don't think I will have new tile into the floors until week 3 or 4. 

The plumbing started to arrive and it is looking beautiful! I chose polished nickel for the plumbing fixtures in this bathroom, and I am thinking the  lighting and accessories will be brass. The plumbing is all by Rohl.

By next week I should have my wallpaper finalized-my front runner is Tropique and Seychelles, shown below. I will do a coordinating glossy color on the ceiling, and I can't wait! Thank you for reading, and be sure to check out the other contestants here. See you next week!

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