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Forsythia: Cutting and Force Blooming

Forsythia: Cutting and Force Blooming

Your Forsythia is commonly one of the first signs of spring. After a long winter, it's no surprise that we rush to trim it and bring it inside. We are usually ready for some color by then. If your Forsythia is not quite in bloom yet, you can still trim them to bloom indoors. Here are some tips to force bloom them, and how to keep them lasting as long as possible in a container if they are already in bloom.

Head outdoors and grab a few branches from all around the bush. Try to take them evenly from the bush so you aren't left with a bald spot later. They will have small green or brown buds on them. Cut them as long as possible, and don't be afraid of the ones that are a little wild or whip-like. Those will help add so much character to the arrangement. 

Before arranging the Forsythia in your vase, snip through the bottom of the cuttings to allow more surface area for drinking. Alternatively you can smash the stems, much like you would a lilac. Interestingly enough, Forsythia is in the same family as the Olive Tree.

Remove the bottom flowers so that they don't sink below the water line. This will help keep bacteria out. Replace the water every other day about 1/3 of the vase and place your stems in a bright spot with some indirect sunlight. Your blooms will start to appear within a week or two. 

Other flowers you can force bloom are Redbud, Dogwood, Cherry, and Magnolia. I hope you will try it. And enjoy your bright, spring blooms until then! -Chrissie


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