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One Room Challenge, Week 5

One Room Challenge, Week 5
This week was all about the lattice. I needed to sit down and have a long, hard talk with myself about the execution of this project. It turns out that while I wanted to get this done myself, it's better to call in reinforcements. So that is just what I did.
I am still going to be sanding and painting the wood, but I called a local craftsman who specializes in trim. I recently decided to put the lattice on the walls and not the ceiling, which narrows down the work. And instead of putting lattice on all the full wall space, we are framing it out in picture frames (see inspiration photo below);
Design by Clary Bosbyshell
I am still deciding if I want to do white on white like the photo above, or if I want a color behind it on the wall. Either way I need to paint the wall and that will also be happening this week. I am loving the idea behind the photo below;
Design by Ashley Whittaker
This week I decided to also get a game table for the corner of the room. This will be for backgammon (a game that my family always played), puzzles, and cards. I am looking on facebook marketplace to score a winner. I may be able to find one on consignment. If possible, I could get this table to double as a test during the day because the views would be fabulous while I am working.
A lot of things will happen this week; couch delivery, paint, ceiling lighting, and the beginning of the lattice treatment. Next on my plate, will be doing my own roman shades with a little bit of help from my workroom. This week was a little bit slow but the next 3 weeks will likely be nuts. I will love having this done for Thanksgiving, so I have to keep my eye on the prize.
Arrives Wednesday, I hope!
Thanks for reading! And as always, feel free to see what the other Better Homes & Gardens ORC contestants are up to.

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