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One Room Challenge, Week 1

One Room Challenge, Week 1
Guess who's back for the One Room Challenge?! Heyyyy!
I am so excited to transform another space in my home. Completing the Better Homes and Gardens One Room Challenge last year was no easy feat in the height of shortages and delays. But I enjoyed it so much and we had such a good time along the way. This season, we are using the full 8 weeks to transform my sunroom.
I know what you're thinking, "why are you doing this? It looks done already". But the truth is that the room is starting to look a little tired. And the furniture is old, and the rug is ready to go. AND IT IS STRESSING ME OUT! And I don't need that in my life. It needs a "zsush". And I want a more fresh and collected approach to the sunroom. I will be keeping some of my current items, and purchasing new (or second hand) items, all with a little DIY along the way.
Design Plan, ORC Fall 2021


This quick little mood board showcases the plan for this room. While we are still seeing lots of delays in the design industry, I am hoping to do a very close variation of this. And I am hoping to find some really unique pieces at some of my local consignment shops (because buying second hand is cool and great for the environment). I want this space to feel like ME, which is surely a blend of old and new. I love that mix! If I can incorporate a chaise lounge chair, I would love that in this space. So this is clearly a 'moving target mood board'! And I'm okay with that because I have had to pivot with almost every space I have designed these last several months. One foot in front of the other, at all times.
Design insp, via The Glam Pad
I would be remiss not to share what is inspiring me for this room. When I came across this photo I just thought to myself, "That is a sunroom!" And I want to emulate that same feeling in my house. Layers, texture, interest...I want it all.
Okay let's discuss the elephant in the room, shall we? What is that on the ceiling in the mood board? It's called Treillage and it's inspired by 18th century French Architecture. Think beautiful garden arbors, but for your interior (and in the most elegant way). I will be customizing my own piece of treillage and here I am back in 2021 doing more work on ceilings. If you missed it last year, I spent a lot of time adhering bamboo to the ceiling of my dining room during the Fall 2020 challenge. I just can't get enough of hours of looking up on a ladder, and subsequently lots of neck pain. See what I'm talking about, below;
Bamboo Ceiling, ORC Fall 2020
No ORC is complete without a good before photo.
The sunroom, "before"
I am ready to take this on so that I can have a place to retreat to. A place to enjoy the sun, without a TV and without noise from every day life. A place to enjoy the water views. And if all goes well, it will have the ceiling of my dreams :) And while I have you here, it is fun to take a look at what the featured designers are doing. Plus many other designers and bloggers that are taking part in this event. Take a look here. Thanks for following along! -Chrissie

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