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One Room Challenge, "Lattice Pray", Wk 2

One Room Challenge, "Lattice Pray", Wk 2
This challenge is already rearing it's ugly head! My client work load became a lot to balance this week. And my clients always come first. But I do want to set aside time for myself to complete this space that I have been dreaming about. Because nothing gets a room done faster than having guests come over, OR participating in the Better Homes & Gardens One Room Challenge. This week I started the lattice, and I need prayers! So Lattice Pray...
A couple of weeks ago before the ORC started, I went to my local home improvement store to start to organize the lattice for the ceiling. Before I committed to this design, I needed to know if it was a possibility, and I have no idea how hard it will be. So there was no wasting time to at least get started. I want the lattice to have white, or a very soft and subtle blue color underneath on the ceiling. So it's paint, and lattice work. Time to get started!
I found 2 kinds of lattice, one vinyl and one wood. While the vinyl was already white and seemed really crisp and clean, it just wasn't the look I was going for.
I want to do my very best job to get the look I want and I do not want cheesy in my life. So I found some pressure treated wooden lattices which were exactly what I wanted. They had two sizes, 4'x8' and 2'x8'. I thought the bigger one would be harder to work with, so I went with 7 pieces of the 2'x8'. I will need to sand and buff out some of the splintered edges, and will need to use some wood filler for the holes. They will be perfect. The hard part will be getting them up on the ceiling and lining them up nicely!
I received a couple of messages as to why I wasn't going to get the lattice professionally done. Okay, I'm lying. I got like 30 of them. To be honest, I am not a real DIY person. I hate when DIY's fall short and I would never even dream of doing this for a client. But when I researched these rooms, unless it was Accents of France, it really was essentially garden fencing. So if I can make the wood like really good (clean it up, sand it, fill in the imperfections...) I think I am good to go. After all of this work, I'll be damned if this falls short. I am confident!
Lots of sanding to get the splintered edges out
Added wood filler, and sanded it flush
I am scouring websites for second hand furniture. It isn't important to me to have everything brand new, but it will be a mix. So I am searching high and low. And the clock is ticking because I need to reserve time for shipping, and delays. I need to find a couch, and I like this one from OKA. And two accent chairs-eeks! Hoping to incorporate some wicker and rattan for a super chic but comfortable sunroom. Fingers crossed!
That's it for week 2, I hope to have more progress by next week! If you'd like, go check out what the other ORC participants are up to. Ciao!

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