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One Room Challenge, Dining Room (week 2)

One Room Challenge, Dining Room (week 2)
I guess this is when I start to get anxious and feel like I may not get this done on time. But even with that uncertainty looming over my head, some really fun things happened this week and they are keeping my creative brain afloat.
My plan is to apply bamboo trim to the ceiling. So my first order of business while I wait for furniture to arrive was to measure and tape the design. I decided that because the wall covering is a bit busy, I will keep the bamboo trim as a rectangle. No twists and turns. Thankfully, and to my sheer surprise, the bamboo trim came in early. It was in my hands, from a lumbar yard in upstate New York, within a matter of 3 days.
Because the wallpaper won't arrive for probably 4 1/2 weeks (eeks!) I will have to paint and apply the trim before it goes up. I am going to take a risk on the color and hope it works out. If it doesn't work, I will have to repaint the trim after it has already been nailed and glued to the ceiling. Not horrible, but I wanted to wait for the wallpaper to go up to decide.
I decided upon cane back white chairs with neutral cushions. And this week I had the honor of partnering with F. Schumacher on this project. I'm still speechless. My hope is to reupholster the seats of the end chairs with their Bixi velvet fabric.
Lastly, I am getting the drapery in order. These unbelievable lucite drapery rods are coming my way from Brooklyn, New York. And while I really want to add drapes with a pattern, I just can't find ones that sing to me with the Feather Bloom wall covering. So I will choose neutral drapes with a fun tape trim. That's to be decided ASAP!
And I am loving having most of my products sourced from not only the USA but from New York. It gives me a tremendous amount of joy! It's the little things.
Onto the next week, friends! Thanks for reading. Visit my Instagram account for more and check out other great designers taking on this challenge here.
-Chrissie xo

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