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Feng Shui: Garden

Feng Shui: Garden
I have been spending a lot more time outside these days. Not only entertaining our children but also trying to get some more Vitamin D. After moving into our house about a year and a half ago, we decided that many of the outdoor projects would have to take a back seat in order to get our interior together. This year I will be focusing more on the outdoors (and sharing projects with you) and this includes the garden. Having good Feng Shui in your garden does not mean you need to have a large yard. You only need good flow combined with natural elements that are in harmony with the direction it faces.
1. Flowing and curved paths, not straight
2. Natural shaped rocks for a pathway, to emulate how things are naturally
3. Wind Chimes create a sense of calmness and vibrations and are said to be healing.
4. Water element, such as a pond, birdbath, or fountain. This is especially important if you have a garden that faces southeast, east, or north.
5. Solar garden lighting to add the "fire" elements. Either candles, ground lighting, or torches
6. A Buddha sculpture is said to bring peace to your garden, but any sculpture that brings you happiness will allow for good "chi"
7. Flowers to nourish the birds, especially if you are attracting them with birdbaths. Try bird friendly plants that are native to your area. A rule of thumb is to use colors: Red and pink flower attract hummingbirds, orange flowers attract orioles and warblers, and yellow flowers attract goldfinches, warblers, and hummingbirds. Whatever you choose, the plants should please you and be manageable for you to upkeep.
8. Furniture. This doesn't need to be a 7 person conversation set. Just a place to sit and rest to enjoy the outdoors and the serenity a garden brings. It can be one or two adirondack chairs, or a sweet little bench.
9. Fire element. Try a fire pit/chimnea for a larger yard or torches for a small yard, to illuminate and purify.
10. Metal Sculpture. This could mean a metal animal or gazing ball. Something that is reflective like a gazing ball does what a mirror does inside your home, it bounces the negative energy out.
1. Poor lighting, or areas with no lighting
2. Straight lines either from straight paths or straight manmade rocks
3. Narrow pathways that feel cluttered or unkept
4. Clashing colors
5. Clashing sounds (either with too many wind chimes)
6. Dirty furniture either from moss or exposure to the weather elements
Thank you for reading my Feng Shui series. Please check out some of the others if you haven't already. And as always, thank you for reading! Please share any comments here on my blog or on my other social media platforms. I love hearing from you! Be well.

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