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Feng Shui: Decor

Feng Shui: Decor
Assuming you have already decluttered your space and you have the ability to work on surrounding yourself with items you love, it is time to create healthy energy with decor. There are some decor pieces that are known to lift moods and spirits. The overall energy or "chi" needs to feel positive and your home should allow you the space to decompress. Here are some ideas;
1. Plants:
Plants near windows are said to bounce the chi back into the room instead of going out the window. Some examples of plants with great Feng Shui are Bamboo, Peace Lily, Rubber Tree Plant, Palms, or Spider Plant
2. Fruit:
A bowl of fruit is said to ground the home, especially if it's a vibrant yellow color.
3. Fountain or Water source:
I like to use floating fish in a small bol of water. Alternatively you can float a flower bloom in a bowl of water. The color blue, as in water, brings peace and calmness to a space. It is said to be relaxing and healing.
4. Something natural:
This could be rock or crystals. For me, I use coral pieces
5. Metallic Accents:
I like an abstract decor piece, like a paper weight, or perhaps a decorative votive. They are said to bring luck and prosperity
6. Candles:
Candles are said to create warmth and make the environment feel more serene. They should be placed in the central area of the home.
7. Lamps and lighting
Appropriate bright lights. In bathrooms it is ideal to have globe shape halogens. In the kitchen it is best to use LEDs. And in the bedroom use warm LEDs (the bright blue LEDs do not promote sleep). In living areas use overhead LED lighting, or bright bulbs
8. Something tall in any dead space
Moves any stale chi around the room. It can be a tall standing lamp, plant, or wall art
So, how did you do? Do you have any of these items in your home? Many of the items listed will improve energy and give you the tools to create good flow in your home. Using these elements will help you to build a comfortable living space for you, your family, and your guests.
Thank you for reading!

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