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Feng Shui: Bathroom

Feng Shui: Bathroom
The Feng Shui Trinity is said to be the Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bedroom. These three areas are most connected to your well being. If you recall in my Kitchen Feng Shui blog, one of the guidelines was to never have a bathroom off of the kitchen. One of the reasons why is because bathrooms are said to leak energy. So generally speaking, bathrooms don't typically have good Feng Shui because this space of water represents emotions and finances. And with all the drains in a bathroom....well, you get it. I am here to help you fake it as best as you can. Below I list some tips to creating a bathroom that has good energy (good "chi").
1. Fire and Earth colors to balance out the metal from typical bathroom fixtures and faucets
2. Keep the bathroom door closed at all times, even when not in use
3. Maintain good energy by having candles and diffusers accessible
4. Keep the toilet seat down
5. Keep your counters/vanity tidy for clear thoughts
6. It is said to put a mirror on the back of the door for good Feng Shui. And also above the toilet (so energy doesn't go down the toilet)
7. A tray for the bath so you can place candles or water (ahem, wine!)
8. Keep the bathroom warm
9. Artwork or decor that is appealing to you for good energy
10. Use air purifying plants in addition to appropriate ventilation
11. Circular shaped rugs
1. The bathroom door being visible from the front door
2. The bathroom above the front door or in the center of the house
3. The bathroom door is facing the master bed (you could consider hiding it with a screen or partition the space with a bench, or utilize a bed with a footboard to block the view)
4. Poor light quality, especially if your bathroom has no window
I hope you will consider taking some time to improve the Feng Shui in your bathroom and to have it be a relaxing oasis for you at the end of a long day. We could all use a little extra self care these days. And as always, thank you for reading! -Chrissie

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