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Feng Shui: Kitchen

Feng Shui: Kitchen
This next addition to the Feng Shui series this week is the kitchen. This is undeniably the most used, and loved, area of the home. It is considered the heart of the home, where good energy meals are made, and great conversations are had. But it should not stop there. The Feng Shui guidelines in your home should also be applied to your kitchen, as it is part of the "Feng Shui Trinity" (Kitchen, Bedroom, and Bathroom). Feng Shui in your kitchen is mainly all about placement and layout. But I also included Feng Shui guidelines for preexisting kitchens to nourish both your body and your heart.
1. Keep the kitchen away from the front door. The kitchen will have the greatest positive energy if it is not near your front door. It is considered bad "Chi" if your front door opens into your kitchen and it is the first space you see.
2. The oven and stove should be out of view from the front door.
3. Have the kitchen island placed in such a way that it is the first thing you see when you walk in. You can display flowers and decor on the counters to create even more appeal.
4. No bathrooms off the kitchen. For obvious reasons :) But additionally, it is said that you want to keep the Chi in the kitchen, and not leaking out into other areas.
5. Main staircase should not be near the kitchen as they are opposing energies
6. Do not place the kitchen in the center of your home. And it is optimal to have it facing East, Southeast, Northwest, Northeast or North
7. Appliances in a triangle, and not next to each other, for the optimal flow: refrigerator, sink, and stove.
8. Sink should have a window in front of it
1. Clutter-Free. It shouldn't surprise you that a kitchen with good Feng Shui is a kitchen that is completely free of clutter. There should be an appropriate balance of function and design. If there is a mess in this room you likely frequent the most, there is no doubt that it could be effecting you. Simplicity is the basis for good Feng Shui, so make good use of your drawers, cabinets, and pantry.
2. Good Lighting. This means bright working bulbs (with an optional added dimmer). And enough fixtures to provide lighting for all areas such as cooking areas and over the island and/or table.
3. Uplifting flowers or fruit. Flowers bring an enormous amount of positive energy to any space. Even a bowl of colorful fruit will lift your mood, and signifies abundance and health.
4. Color. The optimal colors for a kitchen according to Feng Shui guidelines are wood; Cyan or Green. White and green are said to work well in kitchens because they are light and relaxing. Another modern day option to this is to combine colors that blend well together and make you feel good too.
5. Avoid black and red colors which tend to promote bad temperament
6. If you have a mirror in your kitchen, be sure it doesn't face the stove which is said to block the God of Wealth.
7. A clean refrigerator. If you clean the inside regularly, you will reduce the presence of bacteria which will in return promote your luck for wealth.
8. Something green in between the stove and sink such as a plant or pot of herbs. For me, it's a topiary!
9. Avoid keeping dirty dishes in your sink overnight
10. Avoid broken items such as cabinets or utensils. Dispose of (or fix) anything broken
11. Keep knives sharpened, but away in a drawer to eliminate feelings of discomfort
12. Add wood elements to strengthen the family bond (utensils, trays, and cutting boards)
13. Keep trash cans hidden
14. Avoid eating in the kitchen, as it is meant strictly for preparing meals. Move to a table if you can. If you are in a apartment or smaller home, be sure these two spaces are distinctly separated.
Good Feng Shui in your kitchen simply means that the space is clean, counters and floors are clear, and there is a logical flow for optimal function. By following any of the guidelines listed above you will start to create a healthy space in the kitchen for you and your family. Now, what's for dinner?
Thank you for reading! -Chrissie

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