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Week 5, Tile complete & wallpaper selection

Week 5, Tile complete & wallpaper selection

Welcome to Week 5! When things tend to slow down until they pick up steam for the final few days.

The tile is complete and I am so happy! Since last week's update we added the grout to the tile in the shower and on the floors. I used a really soft grey grout called whisper grey and I think it came out sensational! I love that the small tile looks a little old world. The greek key looks great and was worth all the work to get the corners to line up. The final part of the tile project was getting the baseboard and trim put up. Now we are prepped for wallpaper.

I decided upon the wallpaper (finally). It is called Tropique by Schumacher. I love the blush version because I can pick up greens and blues for the trim and molding. This helps it to not feel so feminine since there is some pink in it. The wallpaper does have another colorway (yellow and green) and I have been pondering whether or not that may be better for this little bath. I think I am going with the blush but whenever I second guess myself, it sends my brain into a blender. More to come, but I have to decide soon!

The mirror arrived, and I love it! I will probably paint it or use rub n buff but the curves are awesome. It is just a touch too bronze-y to compliment the polished nickel.

By this weekend I will have all the plumbing installed, and that will be my next update! In the meantime you can check out all the other participants here. Thanks for your support always! 

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