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One Room Challenge, Week 5

One Room Challenge, Week 5
Happy to report that even though things are slow, they are starting to come along. Fortunately, the One Room Challenge has given us an extension so I am relieved. It will still be cutting things close but the extension has relieved some pressure. The industry is still suffering shipping delays due to COVID and so many items are backordered. Not only is this frustrating for me for this particular ORC project, but it is also frustrating for my work. Thankfully, my clients are all so wonderful and understanding!
The fabric for my chairs arrived and it is heavenly! Can you stand it? It is a velvet dragon that brings out the two blues in the wall covering. It also adds a touch of tan that I will incorporate somewhere else in the room. I will have some small scraps leftover after this project (I think) and would love to use them for the chandelier shades. It will depend on the particular shades and the scale of the pattern. The fabric is really beautiful and I'm ready to use it EVERYWHERE! (kidding...). Special thanks to F Schumacher and Sandra Prendergast, I am so honored to be partnering with them for this project.
My chandelier also arrived and I am waiting for the installation. It does not have shades but I am considering adding them. I am not sure the design of the chandelier lends itself to shades but I will have to access that once it is hung. I hope it looks great with the bamboo trim I put up. Fingers crossed!
The rug I showed you last week will hopefully arrive next week. The rug alone will brighten the space up since we don't get much light in there.
As for the bar cabinet idea, it didn't go over well with my other half. Between the potential work involved and the short time frame given, it might have been a headache. For now, I have moved on from the idea and purchased a really cool (and affordable!) bar cart. The bar cart will undergo minor alterations to be more customized for this room. It comes over the weekend, and I am excited to show you the plan.
I have decided to forgo the sideboard. This decision weighed heavily on me considering it was a big part of the package deal for this space. Since the wallpaper will be last for this project (sigh) it was really hard for me to envision this piece of furniture in the "future" room. Maybe down the road I will find one but for now I will use an antique sideboard that I already have, which I originally purchased for the dining room pre ORC. For this room, there has to be a little give and take considering cost and time. I am happy to report that the space does have high and low elements. I splurge where it counted, and saved where nobody would notice. That's a win!
Until next week, thanks for reading and cheering me on!
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