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Make your Own Hydrangea Wreath

Make your Own Hydrangea Wreath
Homemade Hydrangea wreath


I found so much relaxation while making a wreath the other day and I wanted to share it with you all. It was so easy, and free! I made it entirely from my garden without a trip to the craft store. And I want to show you how! This took 30 minutes, and all I needed were scissors and my garden.
Vines to cut and use for the wreath


You can find any kind of vine or stems in your garden and turn it into a wreath. I found vines, ivy, and miscellaneous greenery. The longer you cut, the easier it is to make a larger wreath.
Vines used for the wreath
Stripped Vines


After cutting, I stripped the vines of their leaves. You can leave some small leaves for character if you want, but they will dry up eventually as the wreath hardens and ages
Wrapping the vines
To form the ring, you want to intertwine a couple of the vines. Bend and break up the vines a little bit with your hands to make them more malleable if necessary. It will be tricky at first to get them to stay but don't give up. You can either take one long vine and loop it to itself, or do what I did above and combine two vines until they meet each other (this will allow you to control the circumference of the wreath).
Wreath almost complete


Continue to wrap the vines around each other keeping each side as even as possible.
Adding curly vines for character


Don't be afraid to add some curly vines or older browning vines. This will give your wreath some visual interest.
Hydrangeas that have already begun to dry


This is the time of year to start thinking about cutting your hydrangeas. You want to consider cutting them off and taking them in to dry when they begin to feel papery. I grabbed a few that have already begun to dry. This will allow them to hopefully keep their shape on the wreath. You can always change out the flowers seasonally.
Adding flowers to the wreath
Whatever flowers you choose for your wreath, be sure to cut a long enough stem so you can intertwine the stem into your wreath. Wrap it in and out a couple of times to get it to stay looping the end into the wreath, and trimming any excess. If you feel more comfortable, use some floral wire to get it to stay. I added Hydrangeas to just one side of the wreath but you can do the whole wreath, or add a bow/accessory.
Hydrangea wreath complete
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on making a wreath at home. It will look lovely on your front door, or even inside! They make wonderful gifts as well, as there is nothing like a homemade gift. I encourage you to look through your garden at home to find these hidden materials. Have a happy day!

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