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How to add Character to your White Bathroom

How to add Character to your White Bathroom

White bathrooms are still taking the interior design field by storm. It's almost as if they look so clean and neat without even trying. From basketweave floors, to marble showers, it seems as though the trend isn't fading. It's classic, timeless, and probably here to stay. We're not mad!

When decorating your white bathroom, there are steps you can take to add a little character along the way, and make them totally swoon worthy!

Image via Chrissie Haim


1. Texture

Adding texture prevents your white bathroom from looking sterile. A wicker basket creates a fun space for towels, or a natural weave X stool near the tub adds dimension. Plants can add a ton of life and texture to your white bathroom. Ferns and orchids are great choices because they do well in humid spaces.

 1. Image via HGTV
 2. Serena & Lily
   3. HomeToZ                

2. Pop of Color

Just because your bathroom is white, doesn't mean you need to start adding color everywhere for contrast. Sometimes the white can speak for itself. Adding white towels may seem boring, but the texture of the towels will actually create depth instead of getting lost. Sometimes all you need is a vase of pink flowers, a blue garden stool, or an oriental rug to take it up a notch and set yourself apart from the rest. Here are examples of simple white bathrooms with just that one element of color:

Photo from DecorPad
Image Via Studio McGee


3. Paint

Believe it or not there are a gazillion "white" paints out there. But some will convey warm tones while others will bring out the cool. Be sure that if you use a cooler white, that you are matching it with chrome details. If you use a warmer white, brass and gold works well.

1. Image Via Studio McGee

2. Acrylic and Gold pulls via Etsy

3. Brushed Chrome pulls via Etsy


4. Details, details!

A great way to bring your otherwise boring vanity up to speed is to change out the hardware. Or, add a chandelier! If your budget is limited on installing a new light fixture, try a hanging plant from the ceiling near a window. A reasonable lighting alternative are sconces. You can find candle holder sconces that you can hang yourself next to the mirror and it will really create that wow factor.

 1. Pineapple via Marcus Redden
 2. Antique via World Market
 3. Cirque via ZGallerie

5. Simple

When all else fails, keep things clean and simple. If you are having troubles keeping the counter space free of clutter, try drawer organizers.

And lastly, I will leave you with swoon worthy bathrooms for added inspo! Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!

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