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3 Ways to Decorate a Chic & Functional Coffee Table

3 Ways to Decorate a Chic & Functional Coffee Table
The main focus of most living areas is the coffee table. It is usually centrally located in the room and surrounded by couches and chairs. Let's face it, we stare at it a lot! Coffee table decor is my absolute favorite thing to arrange, and rearrange, and arrange again. Taking items from around your home and placing them in new spaces can breathe new life into them again, creating a new look for the entire room! Here I will show you 3 easy ways you can decorate your rectangular shaped coffee table so that it can be both chic and functional!
My first tip is to use a tray as a vignette. The key to coffee table decor is grouping your items by using trays or baskets in such a way that it appears balanced and deliberate. Trays allow you to group items and visualize whether your coffee table decor appears balanced or not. You do not want too many items on one side, and nothing on the other. But you don't necessarily need to be perfectly symmetrical either. To offset the tray, on the opposite side of the table I love to use a small stack of books. On top of the books you could add an accent piece. Think of the colors and decor of your home and choose accordingly. I like a shell or small brass figure. Using these two groups, a tray and stack of books, will allow you to decorate your table that is both pleasing to the eye and also functional. You will have room for drinks and coasters on the perimeter of the table.
This coffee table is styled with a tray on one side and your favorite books on the other. An accent piece looks nice on top of the books. It can be a small special figure, coastal element such as a shell, or slim box for remote controls. Pro Tip: remove the book covers for a cleaner look!
Your tray should contain an odd number of items and be of varying height. You could incorporate a plant, candle, and decorative accent piece that is special to you. I like to sometimes add a small box for trinkets so they don't collect on top of the table
If you have a statement piece, or item that you love, let it steal the show. Here, I showcased my chinoiserie potted hyacinth plant by putting it in the middle of the table. And, because it is the biggest piece, it works in this particular setting. A plant is a great piece to put in the middle. In order to make this look relaxed and chic, instead of prim and proper, the outside items need to look different but also be in harmony. I placed similar color books on both sides but changed the accent items on top. I like one side to be some type of box or catchall so you can still keep remotes, pens, or reading glasses nearby.
Your focal point should be in the middle. It should also be the largest item without obstructing the view of someone across from you.
You can have many groups of items on a rectangular (or square!) coffee table. But for starters, let's keep it simple and work in 4 sections, with each section having one or two items. First, create an imaginary square and separate the square into 4 sections. One or two sections could have books with an accent figure on top (think of it like a paperweight, something simple and low in height) while the other two could be decorative boxes or bowls. Here I added a plant in the middle because this particular rectangular table is so long.
I kept the books in diagonal corners so one side of the table wouldn't be too heavy. It balances the table decor and visually keeps the flow.



I hope this blog helped inspire you to style your coffee table like a pro! Feel free to tag me in your coffee table photos on instagram, I would love to see! Happy styling!

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